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The difference between regular and autoflower seeds?

Are you thinking of starting to use cannabis and have the idea of ​​germinating and growing marijuana seeds yourself, but want to educate yourself first and are confused by the shocking diversity that marijuana represents? This is indeed a touchy subject that raises questions not only for beginners but also for experienced growers. No wonder, since literally more than a thousand new strains—hybrids and blends—have emerged in the last few decades. Indica, Sativa, Ruderalis, Regular Marijuana Seeds, Auto seeds, Feminized seeds — this is bound to get tricky without help. In this article, we will try to find out what kinds of seeds are suitable for beginners and which kinds require more effort and are more suitable for experienced growers. The questions we will clarify today are:

What is an autoflowering seed?


Autoflowering seeds are relatively easy to germinate. There is no need to separate the male plants from the females, as most all auto seeds are feminized, so the flowers of any of these plants can be used without any selection. These genetics can produce 2-3 harvests in a single summer outdoors. And paradoxically, artificial light is even faster. Ten weeks after germination, these seeds produce their first harvest.

The above characteristics of the geneticist should have already given you an idea of ​​​​where things are at. It is difficult to give an answer to the question of the best seed because the choice of seed variety should be based on the desires and needs of the consumer.

An important consideration when choosing the best seed type for you is the life cycle. Of course, like any plant, cannabis has a specific life cycle. Different seed types have their own set of life cycle lengths, which depend on many factors. Auto seeds have a faster life cycle than classic, regular seeds. One and a half months later you can harvest the first yield. The growth phase of these seeds lasts 30 days, after which the plant automatically starts flowering, hence the name of this type of seed. No additional conditions, no additional care other than the most basic — this type of seed can be called beginner-friendly. This type of marijuana is easy to grow. There is no need to concern yourself with the length of daylight hours, it is immediately clear

Regular Marijuana seeds: what are they?

What is the specialty and essence of regular marijuana seeds and why are they still so appreciated by experienced growers? Regular cannabis seeds can produce up to 50% female and 50% male offspring. In this case, pollination takes place in a completely natural way, just like in nature. Old-school breeders prefer to use the seeds of regular cannabis. Germination of such seeds is a very painstaking work that cannot be called beginner-friendly. You have to separate the male sprouts from the females in order to grow the type of cannabis that you can consume.

But regular cannabis seeds are respected by the “old school” because they can be used to breed a new type of cannabis to mix and match the effects of cannabis use.

You need to pay more attention to the plants themselves — you need different greenhouses for male and female plants, you need to be mindful of the light cycle, you need to be careful in your selection, and you should never confuse male plants with a female.

When cultivating these seeds, the grower controls everything from the active ingredients to the size of the plant itself, making it both free roaming and far more responsible than autoflowering seeds.

What’s better?

This question can be answered quite clearly. If you are a beginner and don’t have any specific breeding goals, choose autoflowering seeds. This is a beginner-friendly type of seed that will not cause you any difficulties. However, if you are an experienced grower and need a field to experiment with, regular cannabis seeds are your best bet.

Autoflowering seeds grow faster and enter the flowering phase automatically. Such a plant has less risk of spoilage or no yield. It’s easier to grow marijuana in a city because you don’t have to worry about the quantity and quality of light — artificial light will do. You just have to put the lamp in the right position and the cannabis will grow even on the balcony of your apartment. It’s easier to grow marijuana in a city because you don’t have to worry about the quantity and quality of light — artificial light will do. You just have to put the lamp in the right position and the cannabis will grow on the balcony.

On the other hand, some growers believe that these seeds are not as potent as regular cannabis seeds. These plants have a much higher resilience. Because these plants have shorter life cycles, in some conditions there simply isn’t time to affect them enough to spoil them.

But where can you find real quality seeds for sale? The easiest way is to order delivery via an online shop. It is absolutely safe and above all secret. One needs to be extra careful when choosing a business because everything is important in the production of a product like marijuana, from planting to soil choice to selection and processing. If you buy from an open seller, the chances of receiving a counterfeit or substandard product are vanishingly small.