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What are Regular Marijuana Seeds

Regular marijuana seeds are the seeds no one has chemically altered, non-genetically modified, or artificially enhanced. All natural regular marijuana seeds are the purest of genetics. A seed breeder can grow original marijuana from back in the day, with more potency than ever before, mainly just through growing techniques. Have confidence when you grow marijuana seeds that the strain advertised is definitely the strain produced in your garden. Advancements in Cannabis Genetics are leading to chemical additives claiming to enhance growth and also leading to genetic manipulation to improve on unnatural grow periods. Regular marijuana seeds are simply the purest form of weed. Click on any strain to check it out and buy online, securely, with stealth worldwide delivery.

What are the best Marijuana seeds to Plant

There are many different strains of marijuana seeds available, each with their own unique characteristics and effects. If you’re looking for regular marijuana seeds, here are a few popular options to consider. It’s important to note that the specific traits and effects of a given strain can vary based on factors such as growing conditions and climate. When choosing regular marijuana seeds, it’s always a good idea to do your research and select a reputable source for your seeds.

Are Regular Seeds the Same as Feminized Seeds?

No, regular marijuana seeds are not the same as feminized seeds.

Regular seeds are a mix of male and female plants, which means that approximately half of the seeds will grow into male plants and the other half will grow into female plants. This can be problematic for growers who are only interested in the female plants, as the male plants do not produce buds and can actually harm the female plants during the flowering stage.

What are Feminized Cannabis Seeds?

Feminized seeds, on the other hand, are bred to only produce female plants. This makes them a popular choice among growers, as they eliminate the need to identify and separate male plants, and ensure that all plants produce buds.

When choosing between regular and feminized seeds, it’s important to consider your growing goals and preferences. If you’re looking for a guaranteed yield of buds, feminized seeds may be the best choice for you. However, if you’re interested in breeding your own strains, regular seeds may be a better option, as they provide the opportunity to grow both male and female plants.

We Have Seeds for You

Welcome to, we bring you great prices on marijuana seeds for beginners. We have the best regular seeds and exotic strains to choose from.  With our extensive crossbreeding of exotic cannabis strains with more famous strains, we deliver new and exotic regular marijuana seeds to grow with. Our Canadian cannabis seed bank has marijuana seeds for sale with High yields and High THC content.

We offer various cannabis strains of Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid regular marijuana seeds ideal for any growing environment. In addition, RMS ships cheap regular marijuana seeds to our customers all around the world.

Who is Regular Marijuana Seeds

Our business provides all-natural, organic craft grown, non-GMO, chemical-free, regular marijuana seeds. We do this through selective hunting and breeding of well-established strains. Since 2012 we have supplied thousands of seeds to private companies and growers. Today we grow, breed, and test chemical profiles, passing on results before any purchase. Because of legalized recreational marijuana, we can now get ready and supply the public. RMS has amazing prices for regular weed seeds with discounts and limited free marijuana seed promotions.  Random prize giveaway promotions will help you to grow and harvest the best cannabis plants. We ship our regular marijuana seeds fast in plain white boxes with stealthy delivery methods to all countries. Our private payment options allow you to purchase your cannabis seeds using Cash, Money Order, or e-Transfer(Canada)

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Shipping went great. Seeds popped open in less than 24 hours!
Germinated 3 LA confidential seed out a pack of five (which had 7 seeds) and ended up with 2 Girls and one boy! So far all I have done is plant it in Fox farms happy frog soil. Thanks RMS for the free strain!
My package was here in a week. The quality of the seeds were top-notch. All the seeds were big and tiger-striped and it showed when it came time to sprouting.

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