OG Marijuana Strain


OG Marijuana Strain

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Our OG marijuana strain comes from an organic farm on Vancouver Island, BC. Growing OG for over ten years results in a hearty plant. Grown organically brings out the flavor. West Coast genetics makeup include Kush with BC Chemo. Massive dark nuggets covered in trichromes can give of a red hue. Potency goes through the roof depending on grow techniques. A superb strain for relieving stress. Minds enter the euphoric state.

OG Marijuana Strain Grow Techniques

Terpenes produce wonderful tastes of pungent underlying fruit tones. The smell is unique to candy. Organic growing results in major amounts of terpenes. Watch your pH levels stay between 5.5 and 5.8 readings. Keep temperatures around 72 degrees Fahrenheit. OG marijuana strain thrives best round 55% humidity.

OG loves to produce over sized flower tops. Give time for the vegetation stage to create strong stalks. This strain hits the sweet spot under “routine” conditions.