Regular White Widow Weed Seeds

Regular White Widow Marijuana Weed is said to be the most potent powerful weed in the world. Winner of so many Cannabis Cups we lost count.

Regular White Widow Marijuana

White Widow Marijuana is a mixture of indica and sativa marijuana genetics that'll produce 20% to 25% THC levels in any grow room, making these great weed seeds for beginning growers and an even greater weed for advanced breeders. WWM loves indoor growing conditions. The flower tops will mature in about 8 weeks. They will taste divine. The smell is a strong earthy smooth flavor. So many crystals can cover this plant it'll look like Christmas. Regular white widow marijuana is in all the Dutch coffee shops and all the medical dispensaries around the world. This is a fantastic medical grade marijuana. Purchase White Widow marijuana weed seeds and you'll receive the daily special of 20 free seeds per order, save yourself some money.

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