Regular Marijuana Seeds

Regular marijuana seeds are the seeds no one has chemically altered, non-genetically modified, or artificially enhanced. All natural regular marijuana seeds are the purest of genetics history. A seed breeder can grow original marijuana from back in the day, with more potency than ever before, just through obtaining proper seeds. Have confidence when you grow marijuana seeds that the strain advertised is definitely the strain produced in your garden.

regular marijuana seeds

  • No chemicals or pesticides are introduced.
  • No artificial ingredients in production.
  • Organic certified naturally grown.
  • Fair for all growers.

Regular Marijuana Seeds DNA

Advancements in marijuana genetics are leading to chemical additives claiming to enhance potency. Chemical additives are leading to genetic manipulation producing unnatural short (or long) growth and flowering periods. These additives are definitely changing the marijuana DNA of the strain being grown. What happens in life when you alter the DNA of a living species. What happens in life when you introduce chemicals for food instead of natural nutrients? You end up with strange results. One such strange result is called a hermaphrodite which is a plant producing male and female parts. The hermaphrodite marijuana plant will seed itself. The male part can be hidden and effect the entire garden. Regular marijuana seeds will be either male or female. You’ll be able to clearly sex your regular marijuana plant. This author truly believes, through 30 years of personal growing experience, a regular marijuana seed will grow more vigorously and achieve better THC% potency results than a chemically genetically modified marijuana plant.

GMO marijuana anomaly with bud growing out of the base of fan leaf.

Genetically Modified Marijuana

Genetically modified marijuana comes in the form of feminized and auto flower species. Feminized marijuana has been genetically modified to grow only female plants. Part of the natural marijuana DNA which may produce a male is gone. The feminized marijuana strain will eventually produce a hermaphrodite plant after a few generations or so of cloning. There are other anomaly’s that can happen as pictured below. This marijuana plant has a bud growing out of the base of a fan leaf. The marijuana genetics also produced a hermaphrodite situation about two inches above this leaf on the main cola. Any kind of stress on the plant during it’s life can have it produce marijuana anomaly’s quite easily.

An auto flower marijuana species will flower in a certain time period, usually beginning within two weeks of grow period. The modification will produce a flowering plant no matter what the growing conditions. Meaning the plant will flower even if you don’t change the light spectrum, fertilizers and whatever else growers do to induce flowering. The DNA has been changed to unnaturally put the plant into the flowering stage very early in life. It’s believed the marijuana will never be as vigorous or potent as a GMO free marijuana plant.

Stock Up Now

Monsanto, the huge food corporation has begun to genetically modify marijuana through micro/nano technology. Watch out, if their experiments end up with the “wheat” results we could be looking at the possibility of the end of normal marijuana as we know it. Right now, regular marijuana seeds are simply the purest form of weed. Stock up on your favorites. Maybe breed them in the future to hold onto your own strains for a long time. Seeds can stay viable for over 5 years when stored correctly. Click on any strain to check out it’s details. Buy your favorite within minutes, securely, with stealth worldwide delivery.